How it Works


In the era where everything is connected to the network, Microwave Manufacturers created Microwaves with Ethernet connections that allowed your microwave to be connected to the Internet. This allowed your microwave to play tracks off Pandora such as Tears for Fears “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” while you microwave your left overs.

Taco Cloud takes your microwave to the next level by allowing Taco Vendors to upload their Tacos to the Cloud. The Tacos are then indexed by a complex taco algorithm and consumers can then search and buy their favorite tacos at the click of a button. Taco Cloud takes a small percentage of the transaction and charges Taco Vendors disposal fee for tacos that don’t sell. The Taco Storage Device is FDA approved and cleaned out once a week as the FDA recommends that a Taco’s shelf live not exceed a week.

Taco Cloud is currently working on exposing their robust platform by using Restful Technology to allow Third Party developers. We are also working on releasing a TDK(Taco Development Kit) for development usage.

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Demo Video 1

Demo Video 2