What is the cloud?

The cloud is a term used to describe the Internet. Taco Cloud is your taco storage in the cloud. Securely store your taco likes, dislikes, recipes, and experiences online and access them from anywhere. All you need is a “TacoWave” to download, and access your tacos from any “TacoWave”. Rate your tacos to ensure that your favorite tacos are available to you wherever you go.

Who can access Taco Cloud?

If you are an existing Taco Cloud customer with a valid billing address in the United States, you have access to Taco Cloud. All you need to do is accept the Taco Cloud Terms of Use to start using your Taco Cloud “TacoWave” when it arrives in the mail.

Will Taco Cloud keep records on all my previous Taco Cloud purchases?

Taco Cloud has advanced taste and plate appeal algorithms to categorize and rate each and every taco. Enjoyed a specific taco? Make sure to rate it and next time Taco Cloud will recommend other tacos based on your earlier history!

Can I upload my own tacos to Taco Cloud?

To upload your own tacos you will need to join the Taco Cloud development program. Signing up is easy and quickly you can be making money off of your own taco creations with Taco Cloud’s TDK (Taco Development Kit).

How will I know how many tacos I ate from Taco Cloud?

Taco Cloud keeps track of every taco you download. Make sure to rate your experiences!

Can the Taco Cloud service be used to download any other foods?

Don’t be silly, only tacos can be downloaded.

I have an iPad/iPhone/BlackBerry, will there be an application for my device?

Yes, thanks to Adobe and the Flash Platform we will be deploying applications to each device… including the iPad and iPhone.