About Taco Cloud

Taco Cloud is the brain child of Co-founders Andrew Rubalcaba and Jonathan Campos. The idea came up as late one night while coding, they both got the munchies and were craving tacos. Andrew craved Tacos from an independent vendor down the street, while Jon craved tacos from a well established commercial taco vendor. They thought why not harness the power of The Cloud and have a way to get the Tacos off a Cloud Service where different Taco Vendors can sell their tacos. This way they wouldn’t have to drive around to 2 stores. It was a one stop Taco place.  Both gentlemen went right to work that night and reached out to several taco vendors in the following days.  They pitched the idea to their Taco Loving Greek friend Dimi Arhontidis who quickly talked the Co-founders into following through with their idea. Dimi then helped them conceptualize the site. Taco Cloud was the result of their hard work.

Taco Cloud offers a robust platform on which commerical and independent taco vendors can sell their tacos to taco loving consumers.The platform allows for companies like well known International Taco Vendors and independent Taco Shop owners like Kristina Amador to offer anywhere from Taco Supremes,to Kristina’s special Chicharron breakfast tacos.