How it Works


In the era where everything is connected to the network, Microwave Manufacturers created Microwaves with Ethernet connections that allowed your microwave to be connected to the Internet. This allowed your microwave to play tracks off Pandora such as Tears for Fears “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” while you microwave your left overs.

Taco Cloud takes your microwave to the next level by allowing Taco Vendors to upload their Tacos to the Cloud. The Tacos are then indexed by a complex taco algorithm and consumers can then search and buy their favorite tacos at the click of a button. Taco Cloud takes a small percentage of the transaction and charges Taco Vendors disposal fee for tacos that don’t sell. The Taco Storage Device is FDA approved and cleaned out once a week as the FDA recommends that a Taco’s shelf live not exceed a week.

Taco Cloud is currently working on exposing their robust platform by using Restful Technology to allow Third Party developers. We are also working on releasing a TDK(Taco Development Kit) for development usage.

Make sure to download our Android App!

Demo Video 1

Demo Video 2

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Get Your “Tacowave”

Contact us now to get onto the private Taco Cloud Beta or get one of your friends to invite you in!

Once in the private Taco Cloud Beta you will be sent your own “TacoWave” which is the internet-ready microwave used for the Taco Cloud service. Once connected online and authenticated with the Taco Cloud service you’ll be able to start downloading your own Taco Cloud tacos from our growing list of Taco Cloud providers.

As part of the Taco Cloud Beta the only thing we ask is for you to enjoy your tacos and please give Taco Cloud feedback on the tacos you eat. During the private beta your subscription cost will be completely waved and for your contribution your first (1) year with Taco Cloud is free.

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About Taco Cloud

Taco Cloud is the brain child of Co-founders Andrew Rubalcaba and Jonathan Campos. The idea came up as late one night while coding, they both got the munchies and were craving tacos. Andrew craved Tacos from an independent vendor down the street, while Jon craved tacos from a well established commercial taco vendor. They thought why not harness the power of The Cloud and have a way to get the Tacos off a Cloud Service where different Taco Vendors can sell their tacos. This way they wouldn’t have to drive around to 2 stores. It was a one stop Taco place.  Both gentlemen went right to work that night and reached out to several taco vendors in the following days.  They pitched the idea to their Taco Loving Greek friend Dimi Arhontidis who quickly talked the Co-founders into following through with their idea. Dimi then helped them conceptualize the site. Taco Cloud was the result of their hard work.

Taco Cloud offers a robust platform on which commerical and independent taco vendors can sell their tacos to taco loving consumers.The platform allows for companies like well known International Taco Vendors and independent Taco Shop owners like Kristina Amador to offer anywhere from Taco Supremes,to Kristina’s special Chicharron breakfast tacos.

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Are you a Taco provider?

Taco Cloud will help you get your amazing Tacos out Worldwide in minutes. Signup is easy and you are paid a portion from each of your tacos sold.

After signing up you will be mailed a TDK (Taco Development Kit) which includes your “TacoWave” for testing and instructions.

The testing “TacoWave” does not include a free Taco Cloud subscription but can be used with the full Taco Cloud service. If you are qualified you will receive a (1) free year Taco Cloud subscription.

Join our growing list of taco providers and make money today!

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